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Mechanical Manufacturing Technology The Basic Knowledge

The basic concept of metal cutting tool structure and frames of reference, bian of tool geometry. Common tool, and common tool material of type, and performance and selection, abrasive and abrasives, metal cutting process in the of deformation, cut chip of type and control, cutting force and cutting power, cutting heat and cutting temperature, tool wear of form and the reasons, and wear process and the mill blunt standard, tool of damaged, tool State monitoring, tool durable degrees and tool life, artifacts material of cutting processing sex, cutting conditions of reasonable select (tool geometry parameter of select, and cutting dosage of select, and cutting liquid of reasonable using), Mechanism of grinding and grinding. The basic components of machine tools and technology performance, preparation of the classification and the sweeping machine, basic knowledge of common machine tools lathe CA6140 (process range and its composition, main technical parameter, transmission analysis, structure and components).

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