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Wine Racking

Wine is a wine and Chinese medicine "dissolve" in one of the liquid, has a certain physical health effects. Wine has a long history in China, in the ancient wine production is the use of artificial irrigation methods of wine soaking herbs, but in the modern era, this method obviously does not meet the requirements of the outer packaging, so you need to use a professional wine bottling. This paragraph equipment is height intelligent of of electromechanical one machine, light, and electric, and gas joint control of electronic valve, through control time and liquid of velocity to control filling volume, filling volume regulation convenient and regulation range big, the electronic valve in filling process in the, liquid not spill liquid, not sparkling, not choke wine no dripping; filling mouth used damping type flow road, liquid column injected bottle Shi reduced has impact, wine liquid easily sparkling spills; filling end Shi, filling valve used seal blocking sealed, makes liquid was quickly shut broken, put an end to dripping.

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